Behind the lyrics of "Over You" - My Latest Single and Music Video

“Over You” is about the rare moment of feeling absolutely free and unattached to something previously held on to - a person, a place, a feeling…anything.

I originally wrote the song about a relationship that I pursued for far too long, expecting that I would get what I wanted out of it if I just kept trying. One evening, I sat in my Nashville apartment, looked out towards the sunset and felt completely peaceful about letting go of that relationship. The new feeling of relief reminded me of what it feels like to fly in a plane, way up high where things that normally seem big actually seem small. So I wrote a song about it. Flying is always such a mind-blowing experience for me. I’m definitely not one for physics so I’m not quite sure how it works, but when I’m up in the air I gain new perspectives looking down at the earth with a bird’s-eye view. It’s exactly what being “over” that relationship felt like. I could finally see it with clear vision, from an unobstructed point of view. And the outcome was so much better than what I’d dreamt up for myself.

Fast forward a few years, I actually “got on a flight” (as the song says) and headed towards Hawaii with a one-way ticket. Ironically, “Over You” applies to my life in more ways now than it did when I first wrote it. My move to Hawaii had a lot to do with letting go of expectations for myself, learning to trust and to see life from a different perspective. The song was almost like a premonition of what was to come, and I never would have believed that the music video would capture such amazing footage of the life in Hawaii that I currently experience on a daily basis.

Mahalo to No Ka Oi Media for working with me again, and for capturing my vision for this song. Thank you to Mokulele Airlines for the amazing flying experience!

“Over You” is available on all streaming services including Spotify and AppleMusic.