"A Pirate's Life"


It's time to unveil a new song! My recent move to Hawaii has inspired some new music - I’m excited to share songs with you one by one, starting with:

"A Pirate's Life"

The Inspiration:

Making the effort to live day by day has been a goal of mine since moving to Maui. It's something that challenges most of us in today's busy world. Over the past nine months, I’ve spent many days surfing and sailing in the beautiful Pacific, where as you can imagine, I've had some brief moments of peace. My latest song, “A Pirate’s Life,” is about finding that peaceful place, which for me is the ocean. It's also a bit of an anthem for those of us who can't help but go our own way, despite how unconventional the path may seem. I hope it resonates with you! I also created a music video so you can experience more of what I’m singing about. Watch it below, on Youtube, and on my new website. The track is available for purchase on iTunes, and for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and www.stephaniefalcone.com.

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